A team of certified professionals capable of creating the right strategic branding in a variety of its values. Branding that meets the modern requirements of the competitive market.


The success of our team directly depends on our many years of experience in strategic branding, graphic design, and marketing.


Our talent is enough to create a brand that positions its individuality and demand.

The human brain is branded

from the womb.

Boborenko Paul.


Brand specialist, Brand strategist, Art Director.

A person is met by brands.

Boborenko Kate.


SMM specialist, Account Manager, photographer

The brand conquered the world,

but he didn't stop there.



Graphic 3D designer. Since 2005. certified specialist in 3D design Author Portfolio 3D design

Interactive brands are

the beginning of new legends.

Mukhamedzhan Chagaev.


Since 2012 UI/ UX designer, web programmer,

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